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You have been directed here because you have met an athlete who would like to engage with you in regards to the new NIL endorsement opportunities.


University Boosters and Alumni

Players Wallet cross-references the databases of Boosters, Season Ticket Holders, Corporate Sponsors and University Employees to ensure that there is compliance with University and NCAA guidelines and prevents infractions for endorsement above market value.

Corporate Sponsors & Brand Endorsements

Players Wallet makes sure that the Student-Athlete is not only compliant, but helps to ensure that all transactions are done with integrity and transparency so as to preserve the athletes eligibility and status while facilitating endorsement opportunities.  

Fans & Regular Season Ticket Holders

Equality, Transparency and Integrity are the fundamental pillars of The Players Wallet and as such, we make sure that every opportunity exists for the equal and fair value of every athlete from every sport.  Not only does NIL exist for the endorsement of athletes, but any Student may benefit from their NIL usage.  Players Wallet assists in the establishment of individual corporations and tracks expenses, income and minimizes risk through engagement in NIL interactions.

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We know that until rules and regulations are created through governing bodies that the NIL can have the appearance of the Wild Wild West. 


Think of the Players Wallet as a rodeo.  We help keep the excitement and fun of the Wild Wild West but with order and structure. 


Student-athletes work hard and have earned this opportunity, but with every opportunity comes responsibility.  Players Wallet is the first step in responsible tracking, compliance and accountability.



We’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps of engagement.

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